Friday, January 16, 2009

New Age Stuff

In my studies to find out about living longer and better I come across lots of Eastern Religion type things and new age stuff. Not so much in the courses from my school, but in my research.

I realized that these other people are not Christians... therefore, they have no hope for life after death or eternal life with a Savior.

Because of their nonbelief, these new age nonbelievers have done some study and come up with some really good information for all of us to tap into that can help us live on this earth longer and better...

Then, WE have a great life eternally! Before we get to eternity, I have to think that if we are still around then there is something special for us to do in this life. I also think that we need to have a mission or purpose to inspire us to live a long healthy life. There is no need for us to just live a long time for nothing.

All that to say, don't discount some funny sounding things just because it is different. Eat the hay and spit out the stubble... (hay is fiber and makes you a "regular" person... ). Apply and use what you feel comfortable with doing. (like the neti pot for helping stopped up sinus problems)

I'll continue with more and more... meanwhile, think about why you are here... there IS a reason!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great post, Merrie. Out youngest pastor always has said, "Everything belongs to God in the first place. It's what man does to skew it that messes it up." So, as an old fogey, I'm learning to eat the hay and spit out the stubble. I think many believers fear that something/someone will try to undermind basic doctrinal tenets, and that scares them. And by the way, I just mis-typed "teets" for "tenets." You're welcome.

Beverlydru said...

It has always bugged me that since so much of "alternative" medicine (I prefer the term "integrated medicine") is permeated with New Age gook, that people throw the baby out with the bath water.
Love your challenges, to both eat the hay and spit out the stubble AND fulfill our purpose.

Jan Ross said...

First, I really enjoy reading your blog and realize I am seriously going to be in the minority of your readers with this comment.

But I do think that millions of people would have a bit of an issue with your comment that, because they are not Christians, they have no hope for a life after death. I personally believe in a benevolent and loving God who will welcome into heaven everyone who believes in him and is a truly good individual.

I do agree that it is important for all of us to have a purpose for our daily lives.

All of us.

Merrie said...

(my response as was posted on Jan's blog) Hi, Jan... thanks for stopping by my blog. I also enjoy your blog and often forward some of the Fun Friday things to my children.
You are so right about God being a very loving and benevolent God. He loves us so much. He gave us the way to reach Him and the knowledge of how to find Him. I do believe that there is only One way.
Good intentions and good behavior are not enough to get degrees, win games or pass tests. There are rules set up by the originator of all of them. The same with getting to heaven... God made the rules. Either we follow them, or we don't. It is our choice. He still loves everyone and is saddened when we don't. Just as a teacher loves all her students and is saddened when they don't follow the directions or do the work so they can pass.
Thanks... glad we can be friends...


Merrie, that was an excellent response. A good father doesn't leave his children in ignorance as to what is good for them, what can harm them and what pleases him. Our FATHER is Good, there is nothing evil in Him, so He's told us how to live rightly and please Him. I tried other roads before I met Jesus. He really is the only Way.

MapmakerJenny said...

It is a great message Merrie. The truth is not always what people would like to hear. But it is the truth.
I'm glad you deliver it in the loving way you do. Perhaps that is the reason you have been chosen to be the Preacher's wife.
If I would have delivered the message the words would say something like... "Here's the message, it's the truth, if you don't like it... steel toed boots are cheap at Wal-Mart!"
Keep posting those messages with grace. I enjoy reading them.


Jenny (Grammy)