Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Today is the 34th birthday of my oldest son.
He is a miracle and a blessing. I was told I'd never have children. I was told that I did not ovulate and that if I did, it was a "bad egg" and would be deformed.
I got pregnant and had a miscarriage.... that is a whole 'nother story....
The doctor told me that it was a fluke and would never happen again and to plan not to have children.
So, hugsum and I decided to go on with our lives. First, we cried because we really wanted children. Then, we prayed a simple prayer and asked Father for children. Then we went on with our lives.
Meaning.... we decided
since we couldn't have children and since we were so in love, we wanted to DO something with our lives and help others. We decided to go back to college and complete our degrees and keep going. We were going to be Christian counselors and open our own practice and work together.
HOW? we decided to sell everything we had and purchase an extended van and have it converted into a motor home and we would go to college and plug into the school for water and power and live and get educated.
Makes perfect sense....
Anyway, (this is a long story and it really is about Son#1)
We began the process and sold EVERYTHING... china, silver, crystal, furniture (antique family heirlooms :( , and well, everything that would not fit into our vanhome.
We also got an early morning paper route with the Miami Herald. Our route was on Palm Beach in Florida... very exclusive and fun place... (and again I am on a rabbit trail)
I started noticing that I was getting VERY carsick on these early morning runs. I thought it was his stop/start driving...
Well, happily enough we found out that I was pregnant....
We continued to follow our plan to sell all and since we had our van in process, we went ahead with it. But, we did change our plans and realize that we needed a proper home for our child and we could not live in the van
We moved to Dallas, Texas and went to Dallas Baptist College. We managed apartments for a short time before we heard about Buckner Baptist Childrens Home. We moved in there the first of January to the third floor to be houseparents to 16 little boys between 5 and 10. They were so precious. We wanted so much to adopt one of them, but their rules forbid it...
Our baby was due the 10th... he was three weeks late... He was big... he was beautiful, he was perfect, he was a joy and a delight.
He has brought us much pleasure and prided in his life. He brings the life to the party, and the activity. He was never content to just sit around, but always loves having something going on and doing.
He is a blessing, and a joy, a man of faith. We love him and are very proud...
Happy Happy Birthday, Stephen!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Happy birthday, Stephen! And I see by your comment "oldest son," there were more to come. What a beautiful story, Merrie, on so many levels. Is the Buckner Home the same one that is advertised in World Magazine?

Beverlydru said...

I loved reading that story. We build each other up in our faith when we remember and tell what God has done for us! My first baby was 3 weeks late too! Happy Birthday, Stephen!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to Stephen and what a wonderful story, especially since you had three more children after that! He sounds like he is alot like Bro. Steve, always going and doing!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

My MIL's doctors told her when she was pregnant with my hubby that since she had been exposed to german measles and tested RH positive (or negative, whatever it is) that her child would be massively deformed and/or mentally retarded and should abort.


Fortunately, she listened to her daddy, who convinced her that if he was that sick, then he would adopt him and raise him, so she should have that baby...who was perfectly healthy.

God can do anything He wants to do.