Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God's Plans... Political

This was sent to me by a good friend.... In the troubling times of this election, where do we stand? How do we vote? I have always said, "never make a decision based on money". It is important to vote the heart of our Father. We must vote for LIFE, integrity, honesty, godliness, character. Anything other than that is an abomination to God and He cannot bless it!

It is time to take our stand. It is time to pray without ceasing. It is a time to be unwavering in our commitment.

Here is what she said...


That is found three times in Daniel, Chapters 4 and 5.

The Holy Word also says elsewhere that by God, kings reign and princes rule.

By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. Proverbs 8:15 kjv

Also, the Holy Bible teaches that He sets one up and brings another one down. In other words, God IS in control, but he gives nations many times what they want and DESERVE.

[Think King Saul, and Hitler: thousands gathered, screaming in adoration to hear Hitler; women fainted and were carted off in waiting ambulances. Alistair Cooke reported seeing this first-hand; he was confounded at the seeming worship of Hitler. To the Germans’ horror, they later realized that they were given what they wanted.]

Oh God, Our Loving Father, please let this looming cup of electing an ungodly, unprincipled government pass from us. Father, forgive us as a nation and have mercy on us in your manifold grace and compassion. Please deliver us from mindless voters who only want what ‘will see about’ themselves.

Instead, Oh Lord, cause the American voters to obey You, and cast their votes for those who WILL NOT cast our babies in the burning fire of the abortionists’ tables. Override our greed, ignorance, selfishness and murder. Oh God have mercy on the babies, and us as well, Dear Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

We earnestly pray in Jesus’ MAGNIFICIENT, and Mighty Name! His Name is ABOVE the name of abortion, and we will see victory on Nov 4th for this nation to fulfill her call that you gave to Christopher Columbus [the Christ-bearer] and our Founding Fathers.

Thank you, Father. for Your grace and mercy upon us, for we have not if we ask not, but Lord, we ARE asking and desire to receive a government that resists and prohibits abortion. Thank You, Amen.

I fully agree with the nationally-known minister who last week said that no Christian should ever vote for any candidate who supports abortion.

Please send this on to those in Fla , Ohio , Mich , Minn , Colo , NC, and any other state that is teetering toward liberal, abortion-allowing candidates.

Thank you and praise God for victory in all 3 Branches of our Government to be God-fearing and God-obeying, with mindsets attuned to God’s Holy Word – the mind of Christ.

Blessings, ....."

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