Friday, August 1, 2008

What Day Is It?

Today has seemed like Saturday all day long!

I got up a little after 5 this morning and rushed through my routine.
By 6 I had breakfast fixed and was out in the garage frantically trying to get some organization out of chaos.

This is our BIG garage sale weekend.... yeah, we have been building up to it all summer. Some of the kids brought over things to sell.

Before I could even drag the first item out of the garage we had people digging through boxes and turning up their noses at our treasures!

By 8:30 it was like 90 degrees it seemed and by 10 I'm sure that the heat index was over 100!

Some things just seemed to run out to people's cars and jump in them! I was amazed.

Somethings we could not give away at all - I literally have a "free" box and no one would even look in there - not even the gazillion kids who kept wanting to play with my valuable breakables!

Some hot items were my Christian novels, pyrex bowls, and old magazines...

Lawn care things like 2 lawnmowers, weed eater and things like that went quickly too. (Of course, they were not mine.)

An interesting sale was fichus trees and other fake plants. A lady had lost all her shrubbery in her back yard during the ice storm last winter. She was using those fake trees and plants to "rebuild" her yard.... I hope she doesn't think they will sprout!

While we were trying to pull the left overs back into the garage because it was 104 heat index and we were about to suffocate... people KEPT coming up and trying to buy things. The thing that made me maddest about it is that they would offer such insultingly low prices and try to take advantage of the heat and end of day... I just said, "NO... I know the value and I don't have to sell it." I got some wierd looks and some paid full price, but most walked away empty handed. Now, tomorrow afternoon might be a different story - I might be in the mood to say "how much will you charge me to TAKE this????"

We have another day of it tomorrow... yippee ... and that's all I'm saying about it.


Susan said...

Hmmm..glad it went well day one. And hope day 2 was just as productive. I'm the person that will practically give it away to just get rid of it. I am not a good garage sale host...but I LOVE going to them.

Happy Sunday!

:-) Susan


I have found I get more money from giving it to Salvation Army and taking the fair market value off on my taxes.