Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Summary

We have returned from our weekend fun. We started out the weekend with a fellowship meal and Administrative Board meeting on Friday night. (Gluttony in abundance!)

Then we drove to and by the rodeo and fair... notice, I didn't say we went - we just drove by and looked at the horses and cowboys and all the fans and yes, "fanfair" (couldn't resist that one, and yes, I know it's spelled wrong!)

The amazing thing is that last year the area where the rodeo is being held was completely covered in water. Remember all the flooding? Well, this area is where it was. Huge parts of town were washed away - entire neighborhoods and stores and restaurants and businesses and even the rodeo/fairgrounds. They have rebuilt some, but the houses are not there. It looks so empty.

I was able to accomplish a couple of things that I have been working on. One, I finished making the blanket for my next granddaughter. I was having a hard time finding the time to work on it. And... I have finished the exam for the current course I'm taking - well, all but 3 questions that I need clarified, so I'm going to be calling the school Monday morning. Both of those "finishings" brought such a relief! Now, I feel I'm ready for Posey and ready to move ahead in school. WHEW!

Today we had two church services (two churches) and then another fellowship meal and Administrative Board meeting. (MORE gluttony in larger abundance! should I just say 'oink oink'?)

But, first thing this morning, very early, we received a call from Hugsum's sister in Florida. It seems that at some point in the night his mother had a stroke. From the first reports, we thought it was a light stroke and she would recover quickly. The last call reported that it was a massive stoke. They are not able to do an MRI because her lungs keep filling with fluid.

We are waiting on the results from more tests and doctor's reports. We will be making our decision soon about what we need to do. Please pray for my mother-in-law and God's will to be done, but that the devil cannot kill, steal, or destroy her!



Father, I agree. She is not to go by the devil's hand. Lord I please your Blood and Mercy over this precious woman. Please give Steve your peace that passes all comprehension, give him Your wisdom as to what you want them to do. In Jesus Name.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I add my amen's to lifespeaker's prayer above. Keep us informed.