Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

After listening to lots of people/preachers talking about the importance of not being negative with words - and making a point to say the RIGHT things, I figured that I need to do that.
It seems that God is trying to get my attention.
So, today I'm going to be THANKFUL....

Thirteen Things I'm Thankful for
1. My home... I love my home - even with the few things that need to be fixed - I LOVE my home.
2. My husband who loves me and takes care of me, but more importantly, he loves God!
3. My children and who they married...
4. My grandchildren... who are precious and perfect and an answer to my prayers - they KNOW me and love me...
5. My friends who encourage me ...
6. The churches we pastor... and their members.
7. My dog, Andy... he loves me unconditionally and constantly!
8. My laptop computer - even though I thought I didn't need/want one... I love being "free" to surf anywhere!
9. My desktop computer... I love the stability and familiarity of it - like comfortable old slippers
10. My parents and family - they are solid - they are blessings
11. All the help I've been given to get the house painted and settled
12. I'm almost finished painting - I will be REALLY thankful when I'm completely done, but for now I'm thankful what is done!
13. I finished one more class in my degree and have the exam in the mail!!!

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The LaBouffs said...

13 great things to be thankful for!