Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things we had done yesterday...

1. We had a vent fan installed on the roof
2. We had 6 canned lights installed in the kitchen
3. We had a fan put in the kitchen (the a/c vent is under the sink and there is not air circulation and it gets hot ... used to :) ...)
4. Changed the light fixture on the kitchen fan
5. Installed 4 canned lights in the living area
6. Removed UGLY fan
7. Installed a new fan in a new place
8. Had LOTS of insulation blown into attic
9. The toilet was fixed
10. Hugsum cut the grass (it has been growing because it has been raining - hooray!)
11. Got and installed dimmable florescent bulbs in the new lights
12. Put new bulbs in the kitchen lights
13. Painted and painted and painted....


The LaBouffs said...

Yeah, yall sure were busy yesterday! It all looks great...well, I didn't look at the insulation.....

mandy said...

all that in one day!?!?

if we ever buy a house, i'm calling you! :)

Merrie said...

call Steve, he got it all done!