Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Four

Four things I need to do today -

1. Laundry

2. Pack - we are heading north to our church. Vacation is over...

3. Fix 2 things for 2 different fellowship meals, one tonight and one Sunday.

4. Return things we didn't need for our light installations.

Four things I saw last Friday in our friends backyard -

Four things I miss -

1. My parents, sister and brother and their families

2. Zaxby's

3. Seeing and being a part of my great nephew and niece's lives

4. Friends scattered across the United States

Four things I want to do -

1. Get my house finished and in order

2. Finish my Doctor in Naturopathy

3. Take a Real Estate course

4. Spend more time with my children and grandchildren


The LaBouffs said...

Maybe you should've titled this post 4 by 4 Friday! That's alot of fours :)

beverlydru said...

I was hoping to hear you are still going for your doctorate. I'll be your first patient!!

Susan said...

Great list!! I love the photos.

Have a great week!

:-) Susan