Monday, April 13, 2009

New Beginnings

I love spring! I love Easter! They both signify getting rid of the old, dead junk and starting new and fresh life and growth.

We have other "newness" going on around our house. We are about to start the fun process of fixing the outside to look better. We couldn't paint until now. They were scheduled to paint today, but the weather was rainy. Nix that! But, tomorrow... sunny! woooooo hooooo!

Out here the wind blows so much that outdoor painting must take that into consideration. After all, we really don't want to paint and REpaint our neighbors' houses!

We also got the call that our new windows are here! Can't wait to get them installed!!!!

Then, the siding goes up! ... plants get planted... grass gets in and we can finally enjoy the outside of our home as much as the inside.

I'll be posting pictures of the progress.... I do REALLY love spring! The is the long awaited warmth and life and sunshine....

Life is good!

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