Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Finds!!!

In my last post Beverly at Dancing With Daffodils left me a comment and told me to do something special and enjoy myself. So, I obeyed.

This morning I got my hair cut and it turned out real cute. I was very pleased with it and it only cost me $6! Yeah, remember a few months ago I posted about the dilemma of my hair and hair stylist. He colored well, but didn't cut like I asked. So... I gave him another chance. He really messed up my color and cut it so poorly that I determined never to go back. Besides... he already had my arms and legs along with the hair on the floor. I guess I thought that high price = good work. Wrong!

My sweet dil always looks so cute and her hair is always cut well. So, I asked where she got her hair done and she surprised me with saying it was a $6 haircut. I jumped on it. I have loved this girl (my dil and hair stylist both)! I began coloring my hair myself again and have been more than pleased with the results and especially pleased with the amount of money that I saved.

I'm all about saving money. I have also mentioned before that I love saving money and getting good deals. I love to bargain shop. One of my favorite stores is Ross Dress for Less, and I love to shop on Tuesdays because they have a special discount for special people who happen to be over 55. Yeah, I do take full advantage of it! I get a real high from walking out with a good deal.

I also love garage sales. It is so much fun to find really good quality slightly used items and give them a good home. Today my daughter and her kids came and picked me up and we went looking. I had seen lots of signs all over the place on my way to get my hair done so we back tracked to find these great sales.

We hit gold! I save my "inherited money" for such times as this. (my "inherited money" is just money that hugsum gives me from the tradition of Pastors. Whenever he does a funeral or wedding and gets a love gift, it goes to the wife - that would be ME. So, I've just called it my inherited money and I stash it away for good deals)...

Well, we happened on these really neat chairs....

You can't tell from the picture, but they are wicker. I got a GREAT deal on them. She sold them to me for $5 each. When we were loading them up she began to tell me about them. I had no clue. They are Palecek. The black you see is wrought iron and goes down the legs. They are very sturdy and well made and normally (when new) sell for about $250 EACH!

So, even though I loved them to begin with I really did do the happy dance at the great deal I got.

So, Beverly, thanks for the encouragement. I had a super great day. After my shopping I went out and about with hugsum and got some shutters for the house and stuff to do a French drain (his job) and then went out to eat. A great and wonderful day!

Hope you had one, too!

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Beverlydru said...

What a fun day! Love your chairs. A $6 hair cut??? How is that possible??? I want one of those.
I just heard Zig Ziglar say "Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul". He's such a wise soul at 81. Have a terrific weekend.