Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Mystery

This morning I got up to my normal routine. One of the first things I do is let Andy out of his crate and then waddle to the back door to let him go out side to do his business.

Andy didn't follow me to the door. He went instead to the laundry room where his food and water are. It is unusual for him not to be right there with me to run outside and clear the yard or all feathered visitors. So, when he was not there, I went looking for him.

I saw this wood all over the floor....

Andy had pieces hanging from the fur under his chin.... I was so confused. I kept investigating in my sleepy state and not really focusing, or understanding what I was seeing. So, I looked a little closer and saw this...

The bottom shelf had been chewed off.... notice, it is in a corner next to the dryer and in front is a placemat with Andy's food and water.

Andy kept trying to get under there like he was after something. I looked as closely as I could but wasn't sure what was there, so I didn't get too close. When I tried to pull him away he got upset and growled and snapped at me. (yeah, he got sent to the dog house for that one!) Now THAT was so not like him. He NEVER does that to me. My imagination went crazy. I began to think there must be a snake or animal cowered back there. I did what every brave WOman does... I got my MAN!

He pulled everything out investigating the source... yeah. He then admitted that last night he had thrown a hotdog back there and thought it hit the bowl... but it must have rolled under the shelf.... This caused Andy to go crazy trying to get to the prize.

Who knew the power of a hotdog on a dog. He turned bad! BAD BAD dog!


lailani said...

LOL!! Oh no! Did the man get to join pooch in the dog house? hehe

Beverlydru said...

Oh my stars, that's funny. I'm glad a rabid rabbit or something like that didn't do it. That's one persistent dog. Too bad you didn't catch him on snoop video. You could have sent it in to AFV and won money to pay for the new shelf. ; )
Waddled? Merrie, you are too silly.

2Thinks said...

I told my dau. about this on the way to somewhere tonight- I couldn't remember exactly why your husband threw the hotdog or where he was attempting to throw it- so had to come back in tonight and re-read it! Reminds me of our dogsitting days over spring break this past April- two big dogs (we don't have a dog ourselves)- an interesting and muddy experience.

I'm new, good to read your blog. Give me a visit and all the advice you want- I know very little so far.