Thursday, April 9, 2009

30 X 5 Wrap Up

Well, I took the challenge... Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee convinced many of us to join her in moving for 30 minutes 5 days a week for two weeks... Sounds easy and healthy enough..

I very quickly saw the benefits of doing this. It is quickly (although not quick enough) turning into Spring... that means shorts, bathing suits, less clothes to cover up the "few" extra pounds I have found lying around the house this winter.

Besides... how hard could it be? I whipped out my video "Walk the Walk". It has a one mile part and a two mile part. I can EASILY do that every day ~ no problem.... right?

I actually did very well most days. There were a few that I "moved" enough just playing with grandchildren. I found (by using a pedometer) just how much I move. On days when I have the grandkids I easily do WAY over the prescribed 10,000 steps, over 20,000 steps some days. On other days I may only do 4,000 steps.

But, I did add some other exercises... ones I won't mention because others make fun of them ... but it REALLY does work when done right... I know from past experience. I could feel my muscles toning up...

I also increased my eating to keep up with my extra moving ... do you think this was smart? No, not very........

So, I finish this 30 X 5 challenge with a net weight GAIN of 3.5 pounds. Yeah... not my goal. All I can say is if I had not been moving I probably would have gained a good 10 pounds.... OR I could say that because of doing the strength/muscle/breathing exercises that I have gained that much in muscle. What???? You KNOW muscle weighs more than fat!

I'm looking forward to what Linda has up her sleeve for next to whip us into shape for our beautiful bikini bodies (that in my case no one will see). I plan to try harder and stop the extra eating!

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Beverlydru said...

I know exactly how you feel about the pounds. Actually, I have been counting points carefully and being really good and my body is totally not cooperating. ARGGHH. Makes me want to go buy a bag of Robin's eggs. ; ) Have a beautiful weekend.