Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Ashed... or did we Lent?

Okay, so we celebrated Ash Wednesday.

Even though I'm the one who typed the worship guide, and knew what to expect - it was still meaningful (thanks for all the comments helping me understand it).

It was cleansing and refreshing because I allowed the Holy Spirit to search my heart and reveal areas where I needed to address and change and repent... (it was too short a time in the service for me to deal with it all... but the Holy Spirit continued the process)

I kept asking what/IF I needed to fast. I have cut out lots of things from my diet already, and cut back on breads, sugars, chocolate, diet cokes, processed foods... plus, we have so many things that we go to that we HAVE to eat (in love for those who prepared it for us). Plus, I already don't eat lunch because of my work schedule - so.... what could I do???

I heard something in my spirit that I had heard from Bill Johnson - he has his church fast negativity. In other words, don't allow a negative word to come out of my mouth. It is life changing and harder to do than not eating chocolate! It is so amazing how much negative is spewed from my mouth! YIKES!

After all, it is not what goes into my mouth that defiles me, it is what comes OUT...

So, pray for me in this fast... PLEASE, and if you'd like to join me in it, I'd welcome some company!


mandy said...

whew. negativity, huh? i've already got my lenten fasting ready this year.

besides, i'm so frustrated with some parts of my life right now that i've been tattling to GOD about how MAD i am at certain people.... sigh: to give up negative words i'd have to give up praying right now. atleast i'm praying about it.

glad you were blessed yesterday! i actually didn't end up going... but thought about you. :)

The LaBouffs said...

that's a toughy...I'll try to help you,too. I never think of myself as a negative person, but realized that i probably am more than i'd like to think....only b/c i'm human and that's our nature :(