Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have finally finished one more course in my Naturopathy degree. Yippee and hip hip hooray! Now, I have to take the final. I am working on it. It is an open book one. It is a hard one...

I have decided to get real serious about completing this degree.

I'll share more about what I am learning as I go...

Mainly, this course is about getting the junk out of your life and about vitamins and supplements. Basically, sugar and the "whites" are bad and all processed foods do harm. We need to drink pure water (distilled), eat as natural as possible and take our supplements (which vary from person to person).

more later....


joan said...

I sort of landed here by going down a rabbit's trail! I took your typing test--oh my. I always tell people that I typed 90 words per minute in high school and I thought it would be faster on the key board--not so!!

I read through a number of your updates--you are a busy lady! Your birthday girl looks like a lovely young woman!! I admire you in pursuing your doctorate of naturopathy. That's quite a journey. I had a cousin who was president of the Western States Chiropractic College here in Portland and was also a naturopath.
He was a great man. Unfortunately we lost him at age 55 from cancer. It was a real loss to the community as well as the family.
I'm interested in other women's life journeys and yours looks interesting, so I shall bookmark your site.
As an older believer, I am so encouraged at the way the Lord is working in the hearts of so many of the younger women. I love the sharing that I've enjoyed from the Word from so many of the women that I read.
I hope you will stop by. I'm just a grammy with a hodge podge of entries. There is no real rhyme or reason in how they are written. I'm just learning to get things onto the site.
I shall be back.
Joan T

Anonymous said...

way to go mama! you can do all things through Christ Jesus, who strengthens you.Keep it up! It sounds like you are learning some great things that will help alot of people so please share. Love ya,

Linda said...

What is Slim-n-Up? Is it working? I think your degree sounds very interesting. I would be interested in you sharing bits and pits of information as you go along.

Dana said...

I would be very interested to read more about what you have learned! As you can tell from my blog, we are very much into eating as natural as possible. Even my husband is starting to enjoy foods that aren't filled with white flour and sugar! He actually tried a gluten-free pretzel today...and liked it!

Good luck to you on your test! I know you will do great!!

Dana :)