Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday SAY!!!

Today is our youngest daughter's birthday! Yes, she was God's gift of love to me - a Happy Valentine's day.

Here are a few pictures celebrating her earlier life...

She was welcomed home by some very loving and doting brothers and sister!

She has always made us smile with her smile and funny stories

Here she is with the tools of her game...

A beautiful senior picture...

Lots of love, lots of life and so dear! We are so proud of who she is and the lady that she has become! Now, she is a happily married young woman - my how time flies!!!!

Happy happy day!


Dana said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I loved the pictures...especially the first one of when the kids were little. And the one of mini Sarah by herself...she TOTALLY looks like her Momma! :) TOO CUTE!

Happy Valentine's Day, too! :)

Dana :)


She is a wonderful gift of love! What a wonderful memory on Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

what a great valentines gift and how sweet she am i jealous of her...too bad my birthday isn't today..oh wait that is me....happy birthday me.....just kidding ..thanks for the sweet blog're great at making me feel special. Love you and happy valentines day!
say say

Anonymous said...

Tell Sarah I said "Happy Birthday"!


The LaBouffs said...

Sarah always wondered why everyone else got flowers and balloons for HER birthday!

Happy Berfday, Say say!

My fav picture is the one of her standing by herself with her chubby little hands on hips!

Linda said...

Oh happy belated birthday! She is adorable. But I don't like to think about babies of the family growin up and getting married!