Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm guilty... I keep trying to help people who don't want my help! I guess I just need to keep my "knowledge" to myself because it is so frustrating!

Someone I know is constantly sick! Always has major health issues. She had the same thing I had a couple of weeks ago. I offered her some Zicam and she said she would go get some when the drug store opened.... she didn't... I was well in a day, she is still sick.

She went to the doctor and got yet ANOTHER antibiotic! She is always on an antibiotic for one thing or another. She says she is afraid that she is immune to them now and they aren't working. She has had surgery, cysts, boils, bladder infections, root canals, and the list goes on from head to toe of ailments. (this is in the 4 months I have known her!)

I know what to tell her to help her, but she refuses to listen to me. Yet, will take the advice of other sick people about what they are doing, but not of someone who is healthy!

In Ezekiel it says that if the watchman sees trouble coming and does not warn the people, their blood is on his head, but if he warns them and they don't heed, their blood is on their own heads.

I feel that I am to warn and offer what I have. I am not pushy, but just say... "this has been known to help that..." or, "you could try this"....

I am not against doctors. I have some wonderful friends who are doctors. I believe they help people to get well. I also believe that there are things we can do that will help us not to get sick to begin with!

I don't even begin to share Jesus with her since she goes to church (that doesn't believe that the rest of us will be in heaven too ;) )

Oh well... thanks for "listening". If you have any suggestions or wisdom, please share! My desire and reason for studying this natural health is to help people BE healthy!


Elsa said...

I with you....completely understand!!! I have friends that don't take my advice as well and it drives me crazy!! Example: Eating a salad is healthy and their on a doesn't matter how much salad dressing they pour on it!!! Some battles just aren't worth fighting, I just pray even harder for these individuals.

Anonymous said...

I think that the truth will not return unto you Void.... I mean think of how many times parents tell their kids not to do something or share experiences with them to protect them from what is out there however, our stubborn flesh screams it is easier to find out on my own that it hurts or is bad, or it is easier to join in and wallow in self pity or just accept that i am"trying to get sick" than it is to prevent and heed warnings. Think about Adam and eve, they had a direct line of communication with God they had everything easily obtained all they had to do was ask and God provided. I mean God even brought every animal there ever was to Adam and let him name them....what trust ....what a relationship..yet they did not heed His warning which was to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil....all that meant was hey adam/eve...listen i am God and i know everything.....i know what to protect you from and if you just trust me in this one little thing, you'll be safe, i'll protect you from knowing and experienceing things you have no business dealing with and things that are so unnecessary.....However, they wanted more...their flesh cried out for the ability to try it out on their own, and what happened was it hurt, it resulted in knowing what not trusting was like. So, mom the truth is that your words are helpful and may seem to fall on deaf ears but in reality you knowing the truth and sharing it is just an act of Godly protection, and yes it is a seed planted in their hearts that God will use to bring health and wholeness to you. Adam and Eve didn't even trust God's warning so don't take it personally, it is just the way it goes.
love ya, keep shining, it is who you are.

Beverlydru said...

First, I loved your post about answering the phone with "This is mom..." Too funny.

On the more serious note of trying to help people...boy can I relate. I have worked in the nutrition and health field for many years. I've picked up a lot of practical wisdom that it seems most people just don't want to hear. But there will always be the ones you can help and that is priceless. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear and you will be ready! Press on.
(I even recently purchased a particular supplement for a realtive I thought would be open and mailed it to her for Valentine's Day. She mailed it back with a note "no thanks!" LOL.)