Saturday, November 6, 2010


This morning I put on Christmas music... well, it is offered on satellite tv already. I don't know how long it has been there. I found it the other night and listened for a little while, but turned it off - it just seemed too early!

Now it is on again. But while listening, I was overwhelmed with Thankfulness....

I don't want to miss Thanksgiving. I want to focus on all the things and people and reasons I have for being Thankful. I am blessed beyond measure.

Don't get me wrong. My life is not perfect and I don't have an abundance manifesting in my life in all areas - but I know that I am blessed. My needs are met. I am content. I am thankful!

Sometimes it takes the absence of something to make you realize just how blessed you are!

I have become extremely aware of the importance of family and their impact and love and influence on my life.

To be in the middle of Thanksgiving season should mean to be in the middle of THANKS giving. As I look around me, I'm thankful. I appreciate so much in my life. The answers to prayers is manifest.

How or why I was placed in the family I have and how or why I had my family placed in my life are questions that overwhelm me with God's love and goodness.

A resounding theme in my heart is "thank You! I am blessed beyond measure!" I just don't know of another way to express what my heart is experiencing.

I pray that you, too are blessed beyond measure. If you don't "feel" that way, then look around you and begin to count your blessings and start thanking God for what good you do have.

Blessings upon BLESSINGS to you today~

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lailani said...

I am loving blogland lately - so much Thanksgiving going on. Thanksgiving will be more than one day or one week this year! Yes!

Enjoy all that joy in your heart!