Friday, November 19, 2010

Grown Up!

I finally feel like I have obtained adulthood and passed a milestone!

I remember when our daughter went away to college. She is my neat one. The one who loves to cook and clean and decorate. I think she must have gotten that from my sister. She seems to enjoy doing those types of things. But, anyway, back to the story. My daughter called all excited one day. She was talking so fast that I had to make her back up and slow down. She was exclaiming that she was FINALLY a real woman!!!!!

I was afraid to ask. She very quickly said that she had bought her first vacuum cleaner and was so excited! I was very excited for her then, too! ;)

Well, last night I finally felt like a real woman! (Even though I have had a vacuum cleaner for years.) We went out and bought all new appliances. Yeah... for the first time in my 61 years I had the privilege and honor and responsibility to go out and shop and choose and compare and purchase my very own appliances... all of them.... six... nice ones...

The washer and dryer were delivered Wednesday. Here is a picture of the girls enthralled by the wash cycle. Great entertainment!

I guess you are wondering WHAT is wrong with this picture. Why has this person never had appliances???? I have always had used or hand-me-down or just someone elses. Not that I have not been grateful. I have been blessed by them and very thankful. You see, living in a parsonage most of my adult life, I was at the mercy of what the churches provided. They were always already there and I never did get to be the "first one to use" any of them... or pick them out. That was done for me.

Even after we retired and bought our house, it came with appliances - "okay" ones - old ones, but I did have them and I was very thankful.

So, last night as we were driving home after signing all the papers and scheduling the delivery for Monday, I was very thankful and very emotional. I did not have to settle. I got exactly what I wanted. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I felt so loved and cared for and so blessed.

God is good to me. My husband is good to me. My children are good to me... but mostly and foremost - GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME!

I'll post more pictures after they are delivered and installed... I am so excited. I can hardly wait... I feel like a REAL woman!

What have you been waiting for?


Thena said...

That is so awesome. You are so blessed.

lailani said...

Fun Fun!
Waiting to paint this house so it does not look like the brady bunch house anymore (let alone all the peeling paint gone!)

Cheryl said...

Awesome, Mrs. Merrie! You and Bro. Steve deserve this!