Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Sweet Daddy

This picture was taken just a few days after Mama died. It was the day after her funeral. We had gone to visit in his new "home" - the assisted living apartment.

The girls and their children were still in town and wanted to see it and him before they left to go back home. He put his hat on to model it for the grandchildren. How special he is!

Daddy loved mama. They dated four years and were married for 68 years. She served him all those 72 years. She took care of him. She loved him. She took a back seat to him. He had the very public ministry and mission. She never wanted to overshadow or outshine him.

He traveled all over the world in ministry. He worked long hours when he was home. She never complained. He would call from the office and say he was ready to be picked up. (We only had one car.) She would go and sit outside his office in the car while he "finished up" - which could be hours because he might get started on another project or stopped by someone and forget he had called her. She didn't complain. She just waited and read or sang and when he got in the car she would smile and ask how his day had been.

He had a stroke. The only time he was ever really sick. She stayed right with him and took care of him. She nursed him back to complete health.

Years later when she began with the memory problems, he stopped his life to take care of her. He did nothing but make sure she was okay. He made sure she got to the doctor and took her medicine and ate. He worked at entertaining her and loving her. Even when she was unlovable because she didn't know who he was, he loved her.

He gave up his home and his freedom just to be with her. These last few months he just sat and watched her. She had care for bathing and dressing and changing and medicines. She mainly was in the bed, but he just sat and watched her to make sure she didn't fall out of the hospital bed.

It has been a long four years for him. He had purpose. He had a reason. He was motivated by a deep love and commitment. He would not leave her alone to even go to doctors appointments for himself. His dedication and love are something that kept her alive as long as she lived. It also kept him alive.

My prayer now is that he will find another purpose and reason and mission to keep on living. He has so much to share - so much wisdom and knowledge. He is such a special man.

I have been extremely blessed by my parents - and by the example they have set for serving God and each other. I hope you have been, too!


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