Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phones, Technology and Internet...

My new toy...

So, we have graduated and I am addicted!

We had some good phones before. I loved my little flip phone. I could talk as much as I wanted to anyone I wanted anywhere I wanted, any time I wanted.

Then, we decided to get a house phone so we can have a fax machine (which we haven't gotten yet). With our house phone we have unlimited talking to anyone, anywhere, any time. The problem is - you have to be AT the house to use it.

Our old phone contract was up. We needed to make a change. So... because we go to our Weekend Parsonage where we have no internet, we decided to go with a smart phone so we could remain connected with the world.

BUT... we had to cut waaaayyyy back on our talk minutes. Which is okay since we have unlimited internet.

I have turned into a phone junkie... I mean, I hear it "ding" and have to grab it to see who has responded to me.

It has made my addiction to Facebook worse! Yeah, I really hate to admit it. I have been hooked on Facebook for awhile. I love that I can be connected to people all over - instantly.

For example. The other night our son called to say that they were on the way to the hospital early to have the baby since his wife was in labor (for a C-section, not good). I picked up my phone and immediately put a status on Facebook requesting prayer for a safe delivery "NOW"!

Almost immediately I received 11 confirmations that my friends from all across the US were praying. I can't tell you what a comfort that was!

Right before Dax was born, my son sent me a text saying "5 mins away". That let me know things were going well and how much longer.

Then after precious little Dax was born again I posted about it and again I received many many comments of congratulations celebrating this new life in our family. I felt connected! I felt cared for, I felt loved.... immediately! (yes, I know I keep using that word - it must be an important issue for me!)

We were able to take pictures and send them out around the world so distant people could "be" there with us and "see" what was going on.

With Facebook I have reconnected with so many friends and relatives. I have renewed relationships with long lost friends and it has been fun. I have also deepened some new friendships.... some friends I made through blogging. That has been fun! Because on a daily basis I can get blurbs from their ongoing life and can carry on a conversation!

I love my blog and my blogging friends. I have missed doing this daily. I just got addicted to immediate gratification from facebook.

I have decided that all this technology at our fingertips can also prevent us from living life and experiencing it for ourselves.... instead of trying to share everything with the world and see life through the lens of a camera for public viewing.

There is a time and place and need for that. There is also a need for personal, inner reflection and strengthening.

So, I'm going to do something very nontechnical and open a book... printed on real paper... I'm going to use a pen and actually try to remember how to write again.

talk later....


2Thinks said...

I know what you mean about these addictions. :)I also recently got a new phone- I like text messaging now.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I know, I am so addicted to facebook as well. Only I haven't graduated to the mobile part of it so I can use my phone! I am glad to see you are blogging more lately too though!