Sunday, July 26, 2009


I was wondering... would I do things differently if I could?
What would I change in my life if I could go back and redo?
I don't have many regrets...
I do have some...
My regrets probably would surprise you...

I regret eating so much sugar and processed food
I regret not exercising
I regret not guarding my tongue
I regret not giving of myself more
I regret not praying more
I regret not reading my Bible more

What would I change? Today, besides the obvious ones of reading my Bible more and praying more and eating less.... you know the same ole same ole... there are some changes I would make.

I would judge less and love more. I would not be as critical of others. I would be more merciful. I would be more generous.

The great news is that I can do something to change all those areas of regret. Relationships can be healed and nurtured by making just a couple of changes.

I'm so thankful that God is a God of restoration of healing of love. God is the Enabler the Changer the Hope for today and tomorrow and all my tomorrows (and yours, too!)

Blessings as you change your regrets into your triumphs.


Beverlydru said...

This is beautiful! Months ago when you talked about Facebook cutting into your blog time I thoguth "how coud that be?" That was before I got on Fb! LOL.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm at a time in life when I'm asking questions like this, too.