Monday, July 20, 2009

It's How You See...

This was our long weekend at the church. On Friday night after our dinner I was visiting with my precious little 90 year old friend. (she's the one who made me the 12 foot long afghan for Christmas) She was so excited because she had had cataract surgery on her left eye that day and could see to crochet without her glasses. This week she is to have it done on her right eye.

We sat and talked and shared and crocheted, just enjoying each other's company. She was amazed at all she was seeing and how well. She hadn't been home after the surgery, but had been out shopping and visiting with friends and then come straight to the church.

Sunday morning when I got to church I went to greet and hug her. She wouldn't look at me and kept turning away. I asked how she was. She was so upset. She said she didn't want me to see her face. The doctor had messed it up when he did the surgery and that side was full of wrinkles! She said the other side wasn't like that (she still can't see out of the other eye) and she was truly distraught!

She didn't think she would have the other eye done because she didn't want him to wrinkle up the other side, too.

I tried to be sensitive and not laugh. She had just not been able to see for so long, she didn't know she had all those wrinkles! I told her she was beautiful and it looked just fine.

The truth is, the doctor did not change her face, just her vision!

There is lots to be learned here...

When we expose ourselves to the Light of God's Word, we will see things differently. Now we see through a glass darkly - almost like we have spiritual cataracts... but when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes we see how dirty and wrinkled and messed up we truly are. The good news is that He can clean us up and fix us!


I pray that I'm not blinded by dim vision at the truth of who I am. I want to glow in the truth and knowledge of who He is and what He wants me to be. I know I have blind spots... I want them cleaned up because even though I can't see them, other people can. Like my friend's wrinkles. She was embarrassed when she saw them, even though the world has seen them for many MANY years.

I realized that just because I don't see or know something it doesn't mean that it isn't there. It just means I haven't seen it. When I do see it, then I need to fix it - or allow it to be fixed. I also realize that just because I see something in or on others it doesn't mean that they see it. They may be blinded to it. I need to pray for them instead of judging or criticizing them. If I expose it, I can't fix it. I don't have that power!

So glad that Jesus is the fixer! He is kind and loving and thorough! Washes us white as snow and removes spots and wrinkles!


The LaBouffs said...

Great story. Great application! Makes me think...

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OK. THIS IS A STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED. I'm so serious. Please submit this somewhere!

2Thinks said...

Thanks for the story. I'm so glad to be a part of the family of God and to be reminded of His great love for me- as you have reminded here.

Susan said...

Great post, Merrie! I love it when we learn lessons in such neat ways.