Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spiritual Saturday...

Well, it wasn't exactly spiritual, but it sure did me lots of good! I did something that I have not done in a very long time. I went shopping. Just me.

Since I started my new job, I realized just how pitiful my wardrobe looked. I mean, I haven't worked outside the home (for pay) in 2 1/2 years. When I did, it was spring and I was 20 pounds lighter. Neither have I gotten any new clothes in that long.

Needless to say, whatever I had that was worthy of work, either was so far out of style and season, or it just doesn't fit any more.

So, I took a lesson from Beth Moore and decided to take some of my "inherited" money and see what I could find. (My "inherited" money is what I call the money I get when my hugs'um does a funeral - it is tradition to give wedding and funeral money to the pastor's wife for household needs - and this time it was for sure, clothes!)

I normally just make a run to Walmart and rush back. But, today I planned and before I hit wallyworld, I first went to the Health Food store and then to Sam's and then to Ross Dress for Less. I found three really cute and stylish tops. Then I headed to the mall and went straight to my new favorite store, Christopher Banks. I got three tops there too! I really did well, I think! They will take me through fall and into winter (depending on how cold it gets here). Then, I can wear some of them in the spring too!

I looked for some good / cute navy shoes. I have not been able to find any for years! Well, for Mother's Day my daughter did give me some really cute summer navy shoes. I also need some good everyday black and brown shoes. Couldn't find any shoes... not sure what's up with the shoe stylist lately, but they are just not ummmm for me.

So, that's my "spiritual Saturday".... it did my spirits so much good to get out and just shop and look and actually buy something just for me that is not to eat!

On the way there and back I listened to a cd that a friend sent me. It helped me to realize the importance of loving myself so that I can in turn love others and receive love. It sure did hit me between the eyes! What truth. I did not realize how much I did not allow me to love myself because I felt unworthy.

I guess there WAS a little bit of real spiritual growth today. I am convinced that we don't have to be "religious" to be spiritual. We have to be yielded and obedient and relational!


The LaBouffs said...

Yay! New clothes...what a great day! I can't wait to see what you got :)


Father sent His most beloved "possession" His Son to die for you and for me because of Father loved us so much. Consequently Father deems us worthy! Amazing isn't it......