Sunday, October 28, 2007

Simply Sunday

Sunday's around here are busy. It seems to be strange to me that Sunday should be a day of "rest" and for us it is busy and stressful with very little rest involved. I guess that comes from living as the Pastor's family.

We are blessed with two churches. We get up and get ready early. He goes next door to his office and prays until time to leave for our first service. We drive the 12 miles there, get there about 30 mins. before the service starts so that we can fellowship and enjoy those great people. After he finishes preaching, gives the invitation and we sing the final song, we RUSH out the door and jump in the car and high tail it back home. Run in and slip in the side door of the next church and greet those around us and sigh in relief that we made it in time.

Today was different. We didn't have any meals or meeting right after church. He did have to make a hospital visit. But, it was not a long trip (only 30 miles there). But then the fun began. We had a family softball game and then a finger food fellowship afterwards.

Since I am - ummm, shall we say, not very athletically inclined... I stayed home awhile and did some food preparations. I enjoyed my time at home and enjoyed cooking for a change. Lately we have eaten so many salads that I was ready for some food... or cookies and more fattening things. So, I made chewy bars and a couple other things. But, I really enjoyed the chewy bars!

The game was tied when I did show up at the game. Everyone was having fun. Then he got up to bat. (We had already talked this morning about showing signs of needing to have our youth renewed as the eagles) Somehow, we seem to think we are still young and can still do what we used to do.

He hit the ball - a good hit, but not his usual home run strength. Took off for first base and I could see him all of a sudden do some weird step thing and then began limp... he made it to base - but they had to get another runner for him. He sat in the dugout w/ his head in his hands. Everyone asked if he was praying. So, I went to check on him... Nope, he was in much pain, but wouldn't admit it. His team did win by one run, so I guess that was "worth" it?

He is now in the chair... after taking Advil (he NEVER takes them) and a celebrex (thanks Lowell) and using horse liniment. He was planning on joining the gym this week and working off some of those extra pounds. Hummmm I don't think he will be joining tomorrow.. I pray that he is able to walk!

Well, all in all it's been a good Sunday. I did get in a short nap - about 15 minutes. Got some good outdoor time, got some good food, got the Word and got to talk to special people.

Hope your Sunday was good...and that you have a great week! Do you have any special plans?


The LaBouffs said...

Dad always does that....he's not young anymore (sorry to say) and he needs to be more careful! Was it his knee? How's he doing this morning?


I remember the day Garry was playing basketball at an orphanage outside of Ensenada, Baja when he pulled his leg muscle. He drove til we got over the border into the U.S. and couldn't make it any longer. He actually had to go to the Dr. and be off work for days...For all you young people out there Take care of your Temples beginning this minute. We laugh about no one telling us how hard getting old is. Well I'm telling you if you do it now you will reap incredible benefits later :-)

Linda said...

Merrie, since you have prayed for my cousin's son, please may I ask you one more time? He has taken a turn for the worse and is fighting for his life. thank you.