Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Miss

This morning I was keeping the kids.... I walked out of the room for 2 seconds and came back in and this is what I saw peeking over the chair.

Then I looked down and realized that she was on her knees!

She had pulled herself up onto her knees!
She has just really started to maneuver around to get where she wants. I had left her sitting up a few feet away from the chair.

THEN, I left the room again to take someone "potty". I made sure I put Posey in a "good spot" where I didn't think she could make it to something.... This is how I found her when I came back about 2 minutes later....

She had pulled the bar stool over on her and was laughing and playing like she had just done the greatest trick!

We are really going to have to keep an eye on that little girl! She is mobile!


The LaBouffs said...

Oh boy. She's actually crawled a little today..not just army crawl, either. My life is about to change with 3 mobile ones....*sigh*

2Thinks said...

This looks like an awful lot of fun. I hope I get a chance at grandmothering in a few years- when my boys are done wandering the globe.

Come and check out my new blog sometime. Love reading yours!

Beverlydru said...

I get one of these in July!!! Yipeee! She is so adorable.