Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christmas Present in May

I'm sitting in my room. It has been rainy all day. The people have been here putting up the siding. This is a good thing. But, the rain and thunder came so the work stopped outside.

One good thing is that I finally got my hot water dispenser connected to electricity! Wooo Hoooo! For Christmas my sweet hugsum gave it to me. I have wanted one for years. Many years ago we put one in my parents' home. They have loved it and really enjoyed using it since they drink instant coffee. I said then that when I got my OWN home, that I would put one in there. And now I have one.

Since it was raining and no more siding could go up, Mr Siding man (a jack of all trades) came in and ran the power to it. I immediately fixed myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, it was wonderful!

Now, why am I sitting in my room? Funny you should ask. It all started a bunch of weeks ago. The windows were being installed and Kate and I hid out back here and watched regular TV. So, every now and then she asks to come to my bedroom to watch TV. I try to explain to her that we can watch cartoons/Disney/children's Christian tv... those sorts of things instead of movies. She likes to sit on the bed and watch.

So, this afternoon we have a movie going in the family room and we are in my bedroom watching Brother Bear on "regular" TV.

That is my life today. Good and blessed. I have so much to share and will post pictures soon.

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Beverlydru said...

Hi Merrie! Thanks for the welcome on FaceBook. Now I need to learn FaceBook ettiquette... whether I'm supposed to send messages, write on walls, etc. I'll be with my daughters this weekend so they can coach me. Your comments on my blog are NEVER to long. I happen to love conversation. Could you guess? LOL. Be sure adn read my post on Cheerios and the FDA. Can you believe it?? Makes me shudder.