Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House Saga - still no pictures...

So, the siding is up. The paint is touched up. The windows are in and clean. The pool is clean. I have chosen the shrubs to go in front of the house. The shutters are here.

I don't even remember when we started this LONG process. But, I think it has been going on for years - okay... maybe not.

I do know that we have lived in the house exactly one year today. Since the day we bought it we have been thinking and planning and dreaming of what we could do to make the outside look better.... curb appeal. Our funds were limited as to what we could spend.

So, hugsum took much time and did a LOT of research and found the best value in windows (so we can get our $1500 tax credit). And then we drove around and around and AROUND looking at houses and colors and styles and finally came up with a plan.

He researched the best siding and insulation and even how to install it. We chose the company and the color we wanted.

THEN we found a painter and had the house painted.
Then the windows went in and we waited.
And we waited and we waited some more.

The siding came in and we waited. The sun finally came out and our people had a funeral to attend.... so we waited another week. The sun came out... they got here at 10:00 am and left about 2:00.

So goes the saga... finally this week we had sun, no funerals and workers... can I hear a sigh of relief and a hallelujah!

Yesterday they finished getting the siding up and cleaned up. It looks good.

They were to come back today to paint the front door and shutters and do the touch-up stuff and hang the shutters.

They got here at 3:30 with their kids to go swimming....
The shutters are painted, the door is painted....

BUT he forgot to bring the drill to hang them on the brick... plus they were still wet.

They left - MIGHT be back next Monday to do that -

So, no pictures until the house is finished.

Yeah, I'm more than a little frustrated.

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2Thinks said...

Can't wait to see the pictures, Merrie. How wonderful to have all this newness. It'll be awhile before I get to do the same. College educations...*sigh* I am very happy for you. Enjoy it!