Sunday, February 15, 2009

The "Irony" of Weekend Fun that Keeps going...

We all know what this weekend was... It started off with Friday 13! I'm not superstitions so this was a wonderful day for me! Plus, it was SaySay's birthday and Valentines Day all rolled into one eventful weekend.

Earlier in the week I had heard on tv about a show they were having at the convention center. It was just what we were needing... remodeling and landscape! Woooo Hooooo! The great thing was that it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I guess that's the normal schedule, but we just can't ever go to things in town on Saturday and Sunday - just because ...

After making a trip to Whole Foods with my beautiful daughter who just celebrated her birthday... and then to Jerusalem Market and then to lunch at a wonderful new find of a restaurant, D'Novo, we headed to the Convention Center and the home show.

We ventured out to this wonderful Remodeling and Landscape show... Hugsum really wanted to check out the replacement windows and siding and I wanted to look at landscaped stuff and just get some "wonderful" ideas. As it turned out, it was a huge disappointment. There were not many booths or displays, just not much inspiration there.

While he was deep in conversation with a salesman about windows I sort of wandered off. I was captured by this lady who was ironing. I have this thing for ironing. I seem to let it pile up into huge tormenting stacks. When I do iron, I iron lots. Hugsum seems to think it is new or that he hasn't seen it in "years"!

I have a precious friend, Sherry, who knows my weakness and actually tried to intervene for me. She took baskets of my ironing to her house and ironed them for me!!!! Talk about a great friend! WOW... even now I'm blessed by it and it has been close to 20 years since she did that. Unfortunately, we wore those clothes and they needed ironing again!

So, as you can see from this pile (which is actually only half the size it was before I starated), you can see that I need to iron. It isn't that I mind ironing. I really do like to iron. It is sort of therapeutic as I watch tv. My grandmother was a master ironer. She taught me to iron so that clothes would look nice and crisp and also how to save steps. My brother was so particular about ironing that no one could iron his shirts to please him. He would take his shoe off and hold one end of the shirt pleat with his foot while his hand held the other side and then he would balance as he very carefully and meticulously ironed the pleat. Yeah, he was that perfect (he actually is very nice and easy going now)

So, I've regressed... back to this ironing lady. She was talking and as she was ironing silk and rayon and wool and cotton and sequins ... yeah, sequins - a really detailed beaded dress with lots of sequins... AND she just left the iron sitting there on top of it! My heart began to pound and it took all my self control not to reach over and grab the iron and move it and tell her she needed to be careful! (I refrained and everything was fine ... nothing melted or was destroyed.) Then, she sprayed steam on a suit coat and it looked like it had come from the cleaners... and under the arm... saying that the iron deodorized, sanitized, killed dust mites and on and on with all these incredible claims. Well, I was truly fascinated.

Hugsum came up and we walked around more and then left. I was trying to tell him about the amazing iron and he offered to buy it for me for Valentines... (the standing rule is NEVER give a gift with a cord attached) I said no thanks. But, I really really did want that iron! I had asked how much it cost and was in shock. Yeah, it can do great and wonderful things - but... no way! It was 4 times more than any iron I had ever purchased! (of course, if I bought on line it would be an extra $100 and I wouldn't get the special little travel iron... it is so cute!)

I told my daughter about it and she thought I was crazy... Then my other daughter asked me about it and as I was telling her about it, Hugsum said that it was a GREAT DEAL! If he didn't have to take his suits to be cleaned every week, just have them steamed and deodorized... it would save him money. He was sold on it then. But, we had left the show and well, you know how it goes...

We went on up to our weekend parsonage and didn't get the iron.... OR a Valentine's gift! (highly unusual for my very generous gift giving man!) But, he did say we could go back to the show and get it on Sunday afternoon.

It happened to be third Sunday. That means fellowship meal at one of the churches. Also, Administrative Board meeting and Pastor Parish Relations Meeting... so it was late when we left to come home - with Andy in the car. That meant that we had to come home first and drop him off - because you KNOW you just can't leave a precious little doggie in the car alone.

It was almost 4 by that time.... I thought the show closed at 4. They normally do. So, we rushed downtown and found a free parking place and ran up the stairs into the Civic Center and ran up to the guy guarding the door to find out what time they closed.... whew... we had a few minutes. He was going to make us buy more tickets to go in, but had mercy on us and let us in free.

We quickly found the iron lady and I said..."SELL HIM!"... and she did. Yep, we walked out smiling with an outrageously expensive iron. But, I'll "never have to buy another iron" because they will repair or replace it for a lifetime!

So, I've been steaming and ironing for days now. It will never burn, scorch, leave a sheen, or ruin any clothes. It can be left sitting on the clothes while on and not hurt them.... it is amazing. Yeah, I'm sold AGAIN.
So, it turned out to be quite a weekend... did I mention that it sanitizes, deodorizes, steams, kills germs, dust mites..... makes things fresh and smell good? I did? oh, sorry... I just love my new iron and that my friend is a real irony!


The LaBouffs said...

Outrageously expensive alright! You can write my name on it for the day you can no longer iron...HA HA HA!!!

Beverlydru said...

I can honestly say this is the first time in my entire life I have wanted to iron. But only with your iron. Since you are in OK and I'm in FL- I'm safe. I would have totally bought one too I'm thinkin'. Did I ever tell you I'm easily sold?? LOL.

Toia said...

You can't even put my name and ironing in the same sentence considering the fact that I do not like to iron not one little bit. I barely want to do laundry. Now, my husband, on the other hand, will love that iron. Thanks for sharing!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well I'm a whole lot curious about that iron now. That does sound like a money saver! I'm glad you had such a great weekend!