Thursday, February 19, 2009

13 Things I Do Instead of Blog on Thursday

It isn't that I don't love to blog - it just seems that other things have taken over... These are things that I love and enjoy and want to do... so they are not burdens or problems... just take away blog time.

1. I keep Kate 3 days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

2. I keep Noah, Kendall and Posey on Monday

3. I keep Noah, Kendall and Posey and Kate on Wednesday at Rebekah's house

4. I have a weekend parsonage where I go and there is no internet connection most of the time

5. I get side tracked with Facebook since it is quick and fast and not so time consuming thinking of things to say... only time consuming because it is easy to get caught up in reading short little blurbs from all my friends lives.

6. I have a dog

7. I need to take a nap when the kids are napping so that I can be fresh and energetic and nice

8. Hugsum likes a clean house. I do too

9. I'm spending lots of time trying to come up with a plan on how to fix my house so it has nice curb appeal and we can still eat

10. My creative juices seem to go sour when I start to post anything

11. I'm working hard to finish my Doctor of Naturopathy

12. I'm crocheting lots lately so that I can put some baby blankets on etsy to sell (more on that later and also a give away for one is in the works)

13. I have a new iron and it does lots of fun things like steam clean furniture and mattresses and suits as well as iron incredibly well. I've been ironing more lately than normal.


sharon said...

Can I send you some of my ironing? Have fun with those grandchildren.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

This list made me smile, but I don't know how you keep going.

Susan said...

I love your list!! You'll have to look me up on Facebook. I love spending time over there too.

Hope you're doing well and enjoying all of your "goings on"!!




Just how does the iron steam clean furniture and mattresses?