Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Get Back on The Horse....

I think I fell off the horse and I don't know how to start again.

One of the joys and pleasures of my life USED to be blogging. I spent untold hours writing and taking pictures and reading and commenting.

I stopped. Just stopped. It was gradual and slow. It was unintentional. One day I just woke up and realized that I haven't even opened my blog in weeks! That used to ALWAYS be open on my computer. I would check often during the day to see what others had posted on their blogs. I searched for new bloggers. I added new ones to my favorite blog list. I made new friends all over the place.

My blog brought much joy and pleasure and company to my life.

Today I missed it. I missed my friends. I missed sharing my life and sharing in the life of others.

Facebook took over the instant gratification for tidbits of life. But, for the deep meaningful relationships it takes more heartfelt sharing.

I had some things in my life that I did not want to share with the world. Things that were too private and personal to be broadcast on the internet.  So, I just withdrew.

I hope to be back at it...

I've missed you!


lailani said...

Hi ya Merrie! So know what you mean. I backed way off of Facebook a couple weeks ago, especially because I miss blogging, but at the same time I could not blog. FB was good while going down a road that drained the words from me (or just what couldn't be shared on any public avenue. :)

lailani said...
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Equipping The Saints said...

I'm back to blogging too. As you said, there are some things I don't want to broadcast to the entire world. I love looking at what you've pinned on pinterest. We are definitely from the same tribe and same clan. I'm trying to lose 30 pounds in 3 months before my son's wedding so most of what I really think is on my weigh of thinking. Welcome back. You've been missed.