Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Many Things... Celebrating is BIG...

We are celebrating and rejoicing. This week we have three wonderful birthdays and next week we have 2 more.

My two sons-in-law have birthdays this week. Yeah, I'm blessed with them. The first birthday was Tuesday, today is our daughter's (1st sil's wife) and then Saturday is our 2nd sil's birthday.

Next week on Wednesday is our 5th grandchild's birthday. She will be 2 and then on Friday Hugsum turns 65! That one is a biggie.

Not sure how I'm going to celebrate that one. Usually, he likes to just ignore his birthday. He is on a strict diet and so cake and ice cream are out of the question. When I ask what he wants, he says, "don't spend any money"...

Anyway, we are blessed. I love my family and thank God for each one that was either born to us or married in.

How are you celebrating September?

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lailani said...

...with backed up sinus cavities :) hehe!

Really by enjoy the abundance of crickets chirping, birds singing and just a touch cooler temps. You know it was a hot summer when 68/90 temp days seem perfect!