Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What???? Did I Miss Something Here?

The other afternoon I made a run to our local Wally. I was making my list and checking it and counting my money. The first door was flooded with cute little Girl Scouts and their cookies. I made a quick decision and headed to the other door so that I would not be attacked by those cute little people and tempted to buy something I didn't need.

So, I was so proud that I had made a "wise" decision not to spend more money and get calories that would jump in my mouth and run and "sit" in a certain place.

Much to my dismay I was surrounded by the little smiling salespeople at the other door. They begged me to buy some cookies on the way in (WHY do they do that? You have to walk around the store with them and want to eat them in the store!) Anyway, I smiled and said, "maybe on the way out.."

I thought I handled it well and I planned to rush out the door with keys in hand and avoid all eye contact.... it didn't happen that way.

I was rushing... I was avoiding... but this little body placed herself right in front of me and smiled and asked me AGAIN if I wanted to buy cookies...

I asked how much they were... $4. Whew, I was saved. I said, "I'm sorry, I only have $2 in cash."... then, I stupidly added... "I can buy a HALF box"... to which I precede to walk off laughing smugly that I had avoided buying cookies.

Well, their adult leader lady stepped up and said, "you know some gentleman gave us $2 toward a box for someone. You could buy the other half...."

I can't tell you the thoughts that went running through my head! I LOVE a bargain! I began to get excited that I could get a $4 box of cookies for $2! What a deal! I could taste those morsels of goodness... I was suddenly euphoric with excitement and anticipation of Girl Scout Cookies... I could taste those Thin Mints!

So, I gratefully pulled out my $2 and gave it to the grinning little girl. Then their leader said, "now, would you like to pick out the cookies to give to the lady?"

BOING, BOING BOING! What? WHAT???? Then I realized that I had not understood that they were going to some sort of home and it was not MY home. I hate to admit that my first reaction was to grab my $2 back... to grab a box of cookies and run... to fuss and complain to them...

But, I looked at all those little eyes watching me. I'm sure they saw the utter amazement and confusion on my face. I tried to smile back as I stumbled back to my car... deflated, defeated, feeling cheated and disappointed.

Oh, those emotions do a trip on us! I had to laugh at myself for falling for the trap of temptation... then I had to rejoice that I was not going to add those calories to my body.

So, beware of Girl Scouts - they can expose the ugly inside you...


The Preacher's Wife said...

It is so funny that you were trying to avoid taking home a box of cookies and then you were disappointed when you didn't get a box of cookies! LOL The human mind is a complicated thing! I would've been the same way though! LOL

Susan said...

Oh I agree with TPW above! This year when I was trying to avoid the little darlings at our store, they happened to be hearing impaired girlscouts! How can you avoid and ignore the sweet little things smiling so pretty and hoping that someone would buy a box. I bought it. I ate it. I was SICK! Next time I think I'll hand them four dollars and have them keep the box.

:-) susan

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I hear you on the cookies...but fortunately I live with four human food disposals. There's hardly ever anything leftover for me to eat more than a handful, so I'm covered. :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow, I never heard of such a thing. Hmm. Interesting tactics!

mandy said...

Wow. And you confessed it all here. That's quite a tale of temptation and suspense and girl scouts. whew