Sunday, March 29, 2009

Craziest weather!

This is ONE snowflake... they were huge!

In one day we had about 9 inches of snow... it was beautiful and peaceful. I went from one window to the next just watching in amazement. The redbuds were beautiful coated in snow. The birds even seemed to be enjoying it.

Today, it is in the 60's. The snow is gone. The grass is greener, the flowers are brighter, the birds are singing louder.

What a difference 12 hours makes!


The LaBouffs said...

Where did you take that picture of the one huge snowflake? What is that?!?! The snow was pretty and watching it was mesmerizing! BUT I'm glad it's gone today and warm.

Merrie said...

I took it in my backyard (haha)... okay so it fell on my arm. I was wearing a sweater.

lmerie said...

Oh wow! And you had uncovered your pool too! Amazing - 9" snow one day and back to bright, green, and warm the next.

Beverlydru said...

We had the water- not the snow. It rained for 3 days and I heard the grass humming under the sound of the storm. Now it is positively singing. It's green!

Susan said...

wow, that was quite a snow! I can't even imagine!

Hope you're well.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh dear. That's just NOT RIGHT.