Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life, Aging, Beauty ...

We are at the beach.  I LOVE the beach!  The sun, the wind, the waves, the sand, the colors .... all these things bring refreshing to my soul, peace, refreshing, and color to my skin!  They make me happy!

However, the years are beginning to show on my body.  I'm more hesitant to put on my bathing suit and walk out of the door!  It's not that I'm larger than I used to be.  It's not that my legs show roadmaps complete with elevations and colored lines.  It's not that the chicken skin shows in my bat wings when I wave, or my neck has the ability to flap in the wind.  I really do not mind growing older.    

I just remember the glory years ... Years when I had a young, fit body.  Years when I did not concern myself with size, shape, wrinkles ....  Granted, they were many years ago and they were few.  But, I remember. I grieve over them at times because I didn't appreciate them. I took them for granted.

Now, I want to cover my body for fear of grossing others out.  I dread the judging stares from the young, lean, beauties that decorate the beach.

However, I am thankful for my body!   It may not look brand new, but it is NOT!  It has served me well.  It has carried me through thick and thin, child bearing, labor and delivery.  I have not taken good care of it.  I have mistreated it with over eating and lack of exercise.  I have been embarrassed by it because of my choices and my lack of discipline.

So now, at 66, my body shows the wear and tear.  But, inside, I am still me.  I don't feel old until I look in the mirror.  This "earth suit" was given to me at birth and it is my responsibility to cherish, protect, and care for it.  So the way it looks is a reflection of the way I have cared for it .... Mostly!  I'm not discounting heredity, accidents, or injury ... Those do affect us.

But, God gave me a perfect body that He created for my use!  I am blessed to live this long.  I plan to live much much longer so I'd better get with the program and take better care of my body so my stay here on earth will reflect the goodness of God!

I'm thankful!  I'm blessed!  Life is good!  

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