Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!! (a month or so in...)

WOW! Have we really already made it to 2012?`
What happened to 2011? and 2010? Well for that matter, what happened to 2000?

Obviously I have not been around the blog much lately! When I reconnect I realize how much I enjoy blogging and sharing. I love reading your blogs and comments!

Through the years I have made some wonderful friends who have enriched my life and I'm so thankful that those friendships have lead to facebook friends and even pintrest friends... Wonder where we will go next?

So, what has been going on in your life? I'm sure that there have been many many things - good and bad!

In my life, we have had life changing events. We have grown by leaps and bounds. We have reached highest highs and lowest lows. But, through it all we have found Jesus is faithful! He has not left us nor forsaken us. He has been our strongest strong one. He has been our high tower. He has been our hope and joy and peace.

In the midst of storms He is there. In the midst of celebrations, He is there!

Life is exciting. Life is good. Life is worth sharing.

Thanks for checking in on me again. I'll try to be more faithful to share.

Please let me know how your life is going!


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