Sunday, February 27, 2011


Recently, we were on the road (again). I had a revelation about myself (and others).

Hugsum has this habit of asking questions. Lots of questions.... Things like, "WHAT is that person doing?", or "Where does that road go?", or "Is this person going to move over or WHAT?"... and on and on.

My response was always, "I don't know". Sometimes I tried to mix it up and make up something.

Finally after about the gazillionth question and answer time, he said, "I don't like it when you say that. Why do you feel you always have to have an answer?!?!"

I was dumbfounded! I mean, I thought I was being polite and conversing. After all, he asked a question and the only thing I knew to do was answer! I have this compulsion - I have to answer! I cannot stand to leave things hanging in the air unanswered. It is like this horrible ominous question mark hanging over my head. It MUST be addressed - it must be answered!

It is the height of RUDE to ignore and not answer. So in my attempt to be polite and thoughtful, I was irritating.

I learned that Hugsum was simply wondering out loud and did not require, expect nor want an answer.

On the other hand, I DO. If I ask a question, I really do want an answer. I want a reply.

Funny world. Funny how different families are and how training is different....

So, when you ask a question, do you want an answer?


lailani said...

I think so - unless I am by myself asking a question out loud. lol!! Now, I have a child that would ask "what do you think is in that truck" "who did such n such" )like designed the cereal box. He DID want an answer, quite annoying. So I got to where I made up junk. It pacified him :) Now my youngest rambles incessantly. ugh - he doesn't need an answer, but I have offered him a tape recorder so he can listen to himself :)

Cheryl said...

I am just like Bro. Steve. Sometimes I am asking a question just wondering out loud, and Bryan usually tries to answer me! LOL Who knew me and Bro. Steve were so much alike! LOL