Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Sweet Springtime!!!

On Friday, March 19, I was outside in the sun! I rolled up my pants legs and took a nap by the pool with the nice warm sun shining on my face, arms and legs. It was heavenly! I enjoyed it so much. I was singing and smiling and loving it.

We went to Oz. It was a beautiful day of 70*. We had dinner there and a meeting. Went home, to bed and woke up this morning to ... 30* and SNOW!!!! The first day of spring welcomed back winter!

Less than 24 hours difference and it is like we traveled far away to another time!

We canceled church, loaded the car and navigated our way back home.

This is the SAME chair where I was enjoying the sun yesterday. Now, it is covered in a blanket of snow... it is still snowing. It is going to snow all day tomorrow....

Need I say, I'm not enjoying spring so far????

Blessings and may your spring days be warm!


Thena said...

WOW!!! What a big difference in just a days time. It was upper 70's here yesterday it was beautiful.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

As I have been getting around to all my normal blog hops this morning I glanced up to my kitchen door. Outside I notice some small white specks floating around, surely not snow flurries. I get up to go investigate further, maybe it just some white flower petal begin blown off the trees or something, but no it's snow flurries.

Gotta love the extreme fickleness in the early spring weather down south. Saturday we had our sandals on and were basking in the sunshine and then on the first day of spring yesterday I almost had to get a fire going in the fireplace it was so cold in the house and now snow flurries...

Go figure.