Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Kate Sayings..

So, today we were going to Walmart. I was feeling pretty good because I had gotten up and washed and fixed my hair. I had my make-up on and a "cute" outfit. You know the feeling. You just feel good. Especially since the last couple of days my hair had been a mess and I was wearing some not so cute outfits.

Kate was in the back in her seat. She said, "Grandmamama, what did you do to your hair?"
I said, "I fixed it. Do you like it?" Thinking, she was going to tell me it looked nice.
She said, "No, it doesn't look good. You need to let it grow long so it will look better."

Then she was talking about Superman. I asked if her daddy was like Superman. She said, "ummhuh... he wears one of those blue flying things on his back". (funny, I haven't seen that cape since he was about Kate's age...)

We never know what she will say, but we do know it will be cute and make us laugh at ourselves!

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2Thinks said...

Out of the mouths of babes...