Tuesday, July 24, 2007


You know, I've been thinking about words a lot lately. Since I started this blog, I haven't been able to come up with any "words" to put here. Funny how that happens - make a commitment to do something, and then suddenly it seems to be the HARDEST thing in the world to do.

Well, back to "words"... it seems that what we say is real important. They have eternal value. I began to question if I was saying what I really wanted to happen and then had a horrible thought... what IF what I said really DID happen... I was horrified!

Some other "Words" began to play in my mind... like, I would be held accountable for "every idle word" one day, and that by my "words I would be justified and I would be condemned" (that one is scary!)... also, that "there is life and death" in my words, and I can "have whatever I SAY". It just kept running through my head about words... and I am saved by the "confession of my mouth". and the prayer that the "meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth be acceptable" to my Lord! Words are ETERNAL!!!!

Wow.... so, with all that in mind, think about this...the WORDS that we think and speak are like seeds that we sow and they will produce what we have said. Words are powerful.... are we blessing or cursing? are we building or tearing down? Proverbs says that a wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down. I think that it is with words that we do these things...

Another aspect of this is that "whatever we sow, we will reap"... it will come back to us!

So, that's my "words" today... be aware of your words today. Let's be a blessing because our words do have eternal significance.


The LaBouffs said...

Good food for thought! Words DO have power...that's what my mom always taught me;) ..so we should be careful and mindful of what we say and how we use our words!

Merrie said...

Yes, you must have wise mom ;)

Macatee said...

Hey! Great words! Very smart woman. Keep it up.